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Domeo Range

Budget Garden Room Kits

Modern, clear and focused – this is our updated Domeo series. Glass and Aluminum in combination with wood and functional designs brings tons of options of use for you in your home and garden.

With our enlarged DIY portfolio you have so many options for everyday use, office work at home, for a gym, bar, or relaxing and a way of expanding your living space.


All Domeo cabins come with double glazing and with improved, stronger frames in cobalt grey. These cabins are a good investment for all year around use, especially for countries with a milder climate. Thanks to the addition of 14 mm double/ tempered window glazing the heat resistance is significantly increased and now its 47 % more energy efficient. Reducing your heating costs and keeping you nice and cozy in winter. The interaction of glued frames, double glazing and thicker sash profiles makes the sliding door much stronger and more stable. This leads to a big benefit for noise reduction to the inside. We have as well upgraded our locking system, which is now stronger, more durable and much safer to store your valuable possessions.


The large glass surfaces make it possible to have enough natural light inside the room and enjoy the beautiful view from inside out.

Since 2019 we introduced a range of single glazed aluminium frames, now we have further developed this and all models will be double glazed, but with an addition of certain models having superior insulated frames.

These models are Domeo 7/ 8/9/10


The new folding door of Domeo 8 and regular opening door of Domeo 7 have 28 mm double/tempered glazing and insulated frame. Please don ́t hesitate to ask about the insulation kits for our new Domeos!

To make it ultra-functional we provide a range of roof extensions. This is the perfect fit for creating a outside covered area and using it as BBQ areal or just enjoy fresh air.

We offer Domeo kits also in 70 mm wall thickness, which can be easily adapted to all year around use. Domeo 9 and 10
are perfect for a light filled living room or home office in the garden. Large Aluminium folding doors with 28 mm double/ tempered glazing and insulated frame are almost completely openable. A spacious terrace-area is perfect for sunbathing or open-air gatherings with your family and friends in rainy days.



• 3-sided protection of wallboards
• Inside untreated for natural look and feel

• Corner connection on log cabins 6-sided

sealed for best protective use
• Colour from German high-quality supplier

“Osmo” used
• Purlins untreated
• Roof boards are untreated

Enjoy the benefits of our completely finished garden houses and forget about the burdensome painting of your precious cottage. That‘s why we have developed our new colour system for you. Our industrial wood painting system provides ideal protection for your garden house for years - saving you valuable time and a lot of money.

Our environment-friendly and water-based wood preservative is ideal for professional outdoor use. Thanks to a unique combination of different binders, the surface is sealed whilst remaining breathable and waterproof. The paint penetrates deep into the wood and its matte finish ensures a beautiful accentuation of the grain.

Our final treatment offers perfect protection against harmful weather conditions, UV radiation, insect infestation, mold, fungi and bluing.

Our wall boards are already treated on 3 sides (inside untreated for natural look and feel) using your desired colour. Our patented corner connection on log cabins is sealed 6 sided and provides best possible protection of wood and gives stability for years to come.
Doors, windows and trimmings are painted cream white prior to shipping from the factory. Purlins and roof planks are untreated and give the cabin inside a natural look and feel.

As the components are already treated before installation, your garden room is well protected in the long run. Even the corner joints, cut edges and trimmings are properly treated. This helps maintain value and peace of mind for many years. To repair any minor surface defects during assembly, each delivery comes with a paint supply for repairs.

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The Domeo Range

All prices include vat and delivery

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