Etna 600 Wood Fired Oven

Etna inspiration

Growing up in the rural parts of Sicily wood fired ovens  have never been far from sight,

Having been part of the culture  there for centuries, becoming a staple in the Italian family household, and quite simply a way of life.

I have many cherished childhood memories in campagna, (the countryside) with my grandparents and all the family round for dinner, we would spend hours there eating the wonderful home made food and enjoying each others company - the good times.  

Since moving to the U.K 18 years ago, it has been this part of the lifestyle I have missed the most. Something that I've found the ordinary barbecue alone cannot give you. 

There is just something about the atmosphere that the wood fired oven creates.

I wanted to bring this part of my upbringing to the 21st century, as a way to stay in touch with my heritage. From here Etna Ovens was born.