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Artificial grass installation process.

Can't you just lay it on mud? This is a question we get asked quite a lot during the site survey. NO, sorry this isn't something we do. For artificial grass to look its best everyday and for it to last it needs a suitable sub base to lay on.

The process is detailed below -

Stage One - Remove all lawn area to a suitable depth of 3-4 inches below the finished level.

Stage Two - Frame out area using fully pressure treated timbers and secure in place using treated spikes.

Stage Three - Contact down to a depth of 3 inch 28mm quarry waste hardcore. This gives you the first stage of a suitable base to work from and also aids drainage.

Stage Four - Compact down and flatten a granite dust layer to a depth of 1 - 2 inch.

Stage Five - Roll out the weed membrane, to prevent any growth coming up through the finished grass.

Stage Six - Roll out the artificial grass and secure in place to the timber edging using suitable screws.

Stage Seven - Brush in a Kiln dried sand and fluff up using a specialised artificial grass brush. The kiln dried sand help the grass fibres stand up and creates the stunning finish you are after.


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