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Multiple Projects.

Problem..... I want a hot tub, concrete base, mains electric connection and a gazebo. But want to use one company. The solution - HGSpaces.

Sian and Craig were in the process of creating their dream garden and were looking for a supplier of American Hot Tubs who could do everything. They had searched all the local showrooms, but nobody could provide the services they needed.

Then they came across us on Facebook. They invited us over to their garden and gave us a list of everything they wanted. Concrete base, mains electrics, hot tub and a bespoke gazebo that gave them privacy but was accessible from the decking.

The best part is, by combining all the different requirements into one project we were able to save them money!!

Because we don't have a showroom, all our American hot tubs are discounted, as we don't have the overheads that showrooms have. Despite this, our trade suppliers do have a showroom, and with an appointment Sian and Craig were able to find exactly what they wanted within their budget.

What better place to watch the football.


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