Sheds and Workshops

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We have two build processes available. 

Standard build - 2x2 inch timber used for the framing with shiplap or log lap cladding 

Weather shield build - 2x2 framing timbers tied together with 11mm OBS, wrapped in a 100% water proof membrane and finished with a ship lap or log lap cladding incorporating an air gap. 

Sheds and workshops by HGSpaces provide the best protection agains even the most extreme weather conditions.

Its multi layer build process provides strength and longevity.

The flexibility in design gives the you full control on how it will look within your garden. 



6x6ft potting shed
6x6ft potting shed

Workshops and Sheds
Workshops and Sheds

Interior with UPVC patio door.
Interior with UPVC patio door.

6x6ft potting shed
6x6ft potting shed


The Weather shield shed range  - The multilayer build process is detailed below. Each layer adding strength and protection. 

Stage one, FramingWe use 3x2 treated timbers for the floor joists and walls and 4x2 timbers for                                            the roof joists.

Stage two, OSB - 11mm OSB (oriented strand board) is secured to the timber frame adding strength                                 and stability to the framework.

Stage three, Membrane wrap - Wrapping the structure in a Vent 3 membrane makes it 100%                                                                        watertight. 

Stage four, Air gap - 2x1 roofing battens are fixed to create a gap between the external cladding                                            and the main structure allowing the build to breathe.


Stage five - External cladding - The first line of defence against the weather. Thick 19mm Shiplap,

                                                         Log lap or Tongue and groove cladding is fixed to the laths. All                                                                    three cladding options are full pressure treated. 


Roof covering. - EPDM Rubber roof - Nothing works better than a rubber roof. Glued and bonded to                                                                   the roof, an EPDM rubber roof doesn't crack split or shrink. We are                                                                 that confident in the rubber roof we give a full 10                                                                                             year guarantee.

The result, Is a strong hand built shed or workshop that will stand the test of time, no matter the weather.