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Cladding Options -

At HGSpaces there are four types of cladding options.

1 - Scandinavian Red Wood cladding - European Redwood, also known as Scots Pine, Pinus Sylvestris or Scandinavian Redwood, is a very popular softwood specie that is known for its good quality. The timber is imported from privately owned forests with FSC or PEFC Certification in Scandinavia and Russia. Although the timber is treated prior to application, it will need oiling/painting each year to maintain it's lifespan.

2 - British Cedar - British Western Red Cedar is the ideal choice for maintaining a reasonable budget, whilst keeping durability. British Western Red Cedar is paler but more knotty than Canadian Western Red Cedar. British Western Red Cedar is used for cladding only and has a 40+ years life expectancy against rot. The tree's Latin name is Thuja plicata.

3 - Imported Canadian Western Red Cedar - Western red cedar is a large softwood that grows in British Columbia and some of the nearby western states of the USA. A versatile timber, it is commonly used for applications such as cladding, windows and joinery and has a 40+ years life expectancy against rot.

4 - K Render - Silicone technology delivers water repellency to the render surface. For over 28 years K Rend has offered a high quality extensive range of external silicone renders and finishes, designed to give a durable weatherproof coating and a natural finish.


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