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Garden gym with cedar & white render finishes.

This stylish garden gym building in Lincoln is an example of our Kensington Range that mixes smartly detailed rendered sections with cedar cladding. The gym building is 3m tall, offering plenty of headroom when using the treadmill and cross trainer.

Planning approval for a 3m tall garden room-

Due to our client wishing to use their garden room as a home gym with equipment including a treadmill and a cross trainer, a 3m tall design was chosen. Commonly, garden rooms are 2.5m high, so the extra 500mm increases the ceiling height within the room. The 3m height and the buildings positioning within 2m of the garden's boundaries meant that a planning application was required for this project. We assisted them with this process, supplying the required elevation drawings, floor plans and specification details. Planning approval was granted for a 4m wide by 5m deep by 3m high garden room.

Ground screw foundation-

The garden gym sits on a ground screw foundation. We had load tests undertaken before the build started to ensure the length of ground screw and their spacing was correct for the building and gym equipment loads. Not all garden room companies do this, applying a one size fits all rule.

White render & cedar mix-

If you explore the Kensington garden room page you will see that we offer a wide range of garden room styles that tailor to each customer. The key feature of the Kensington is this striking combination of rendered and timber sections on the front elevation. Our clients have a rendered extension on their house and so chose the same pure white render for their garden room. They have mixed this white render with Canadian western red cedar, which has lovely natural colouring and the two finishes look smart, butting onto the Anthracite grey door frames. We detailed around the render beautifully, and the narrow cedar trim is a clever choice, as you can see in this close-up photo.

On the other three elevations, British cedar cladding has been used. British Cedar is highly durable like its Canadian relative but has a paler colouring and distinctive grain pattern.

British cedar is significantly cheaper than Canadian western red cedar, so it is a good choice on non-prominent elevations but where you still want a finish that offers long-term durability.

Smart heating and lighting-

Inside, the garden gym has a plastered and decorated finish creating a room like in a new build house. The building is fully insulated for comfortable year-round use, but it has an electric heater for the colder days of the year. The heater is fitted with Bluetooth and can be controlled remotely from the main house. The owners can also control the lighting in the garden gym from the house. Handy on a dark evening, you can switch the lights on in the gym before you leave the house! The gym also features a hardwired internet connection, meaning the owners can reliably stream classes, music or tv shows while they exercise. We handled the final electrical connections as part of their turn-key project. This process includes cabling that connects the garden room's electrics with the house and testing the system.

To learn more about this project, chat with the Hargreaves Garden Spaces team on 07584 626 911 or email


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