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We were contacted by Myrtle Park Primary school located in West Yorkshire.

They invited us to visit the school where they briefed us on what they were looking for and the area they were wanting to transform. After taking some measurements and talking through the materials and build process they gave the go-ahead on a huge 5m wide octagonal gazebo with seating for up to 30 children.

Building an octagonal shape is a great way to create a space where the teacher can deliver lessons from a central place. It gives the children freedom, a great way to connect with the outdoors and a unique learning experience.

All the timbers are fully pressure treated, planed and sanded. The roof is constructed in a way that provides protection from all the demands of the UK's weather.

At HGSpaces we offer a full design service where we can add extras like chalk boards, full height sides, even canvas sides for added protection from the rain.

If you want a decking area for the gazebo to sit on, or an artificial grass insert to cover the ground, no problem - our team of installers will help you create your perfect outdoor learning area..


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