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Bespoke Gazebo for seating area


A bespoke built gazebo over a seating area.

We were contacted by a wonderful organisation called Burton Street Foundation based in South Yorkshire, who were looking to cover an outdoor seating area. They have seen our work on social media and were impressed with what we create. They sent over a brief of what they wanted and we sent back a fully specification pack.

The date was set, the deposit was paid and we were ready to go. The gazebo was built in just two days minimising any disruption to the fantastic work they do.

The built was completed with the standard materials -

- 100mm x 100mm pressure treated posts

- 100mm x 47mm c16 pressure treated timbers for the main frame and the roofing joists.

- 100mm x 20mm for the roof cladding

- Black / Grey felt roofing shingles


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