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Transformation of an unused area.

We find a lot of homes have an area of garden that is unused and hard to maintain.

An area that you just want to forget and even wish you didn't own.

Here is a great example of this -

Located at the bottom of the garden the clients always struggled keeping up with the maintenance of the area. The lawn was patchy and difficult to cut, not to mention the effort in getting the lawn mower down there.

It was time for a change.

We were invited up to discuss the vision they had for the area to completely transform it to create a BBQ and gazebo seating area.

They had already done their research and had a design in mind, they wanted to remove the lawn and bushes and create a large patio area with a corner wooden gazebo with sides to add a little privacy.

After finalising a few minor details and providing a detailed quote we were given the go-ahead with the project.

Completed in just 6 days the final result is amazing!! A perfect place to sit, relax and enjoy the evening sun. Gone are the days of wishing they didn't own the area.

They are so excited with the final result they even bought a Ooni pizza oven from us.


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