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The Process - From start to finish

Taking you through the stages.

As standard, each of our garden room buildings come with all the essentials needed to get you settled in right away. All that would be required is an electrical connection to your home which we can quote for during a site survey. To tailor your garden room to suit your needs you can choose the positioning of options such as doors, windows, electrical sockets, lights and much more.

Design process

Free Consultation -

Commissioning a garden room can be a daunting prospect. It may have to fulfil many demands and requirements. That's why we always start the process with a detailed 1 - 2 - 1 consultancy.

We get to understand you, what you hope to get from the building and how you envisage it fitting in with your life.

Only once we understand what you want can we move onto the next phase; The initial design....

Design process

The Design -

Taking your wish list we then start to design and quote for your dream garden room. Using our 3D computer package we create the designs and incorporate any customisation so that your garden room meets your specification.

Design process

FREE Site Survey -

We will carry out a free, no obligation site survey to ensure your plot is suitable and what you want from your garden space is achievable.

We will explain how our garden buildings are constructed, how it will impact on your garden, measure your space, assess the access to your plot and any planning issues.

Once we have all this information, we then move onto the final design and quotation stage...

Design process

Final Design And Quotation -

Now we have seen your garden we can factor into the design any changes which may be needed or any upgrades which you may require.

Design process

Book An Installation Date -

Once the design and quotation is approved you can secure an installation date with us. We will then submit an agreement for you to sign and return.

Design process

Post Build Care -

Although most of your cladding types have a life expectancy of 40+ years, you may choose to oil the British and Canadian Western Red Cedar, which can fade in colour over time.


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