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PREMIUM Log Cabins

The benchmark for quality and durability. We offer a product with unparalleled simplicity.

Log Cabins

Premium Log Cabins

HGSpaces are proud to offer Power sheds as part of our outdoor living journey.

Below you'll find the full range available with sizes from 12 x 8 all the way up to 20 x 18 in a three styles,  Apex, Pent and Chalet 

Chalet log cabin

 They come complete with uPVC double doors in anthracite grey and uPVC ’tilt and turn’ opening windows. All glass is both toughened and double glazed – perfect for extra security and insulation.

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The walls of the log cabin are 44mm and 28mm thick and made from high grade, responsibly sourced, Scandinavian Timber.  The floor and roofs are comprised of tongue & groove boards to ensure the log cabin is robust and durable. Tanalised timber bearers are provided to lift the log cabin off the ground to further protect the floor.

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The roof of this log cabin is designed to protect the building from all kinds of weather. It has an innovative EPDM rubber roofing system which comes with a 50-year life expectancy. This includes a gutter edge drip plate to allow rainwater to run off and away from the sides of the log cabin. ideal for the various UK weather conditions and climate.

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A 44mm Power Log Cabin comes complete with uPVC Double Doors in Anthracite Grey and uPVC 'Tilt and Turn' Opening Windows. All glass is both toughened and double glazed - perfect for extra security and insulation.

What's Available?

SEARCH BY STYLE - click the style below for sizes and prices

Apex Log Cabins
Pent Log Cabin
Chalet log cabin

Chalet Log Cabin

Attention to detail is key to every great log cabin 

Log cabin - Attention to detail

Choose on that works for you - 

You can order your log cabin with the doors to the left, doors central, or doors to the right. Please ensure you select this in the buy area at the top of the page when ordering.

Note - this image shows a 16ft wide Chalet Log Cabin. Smaller models may have fewer windows or doors central option unavailable.

Our latest Log Cabin Projects

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