The Balmoral - Prices from £17,745

The Balmoral can be identified by its trademark cantilevered roof canopy which extends beyond the external walls.


As well as providing a solid visual 'lid' to the building it also provides a practical solution for integrating the external lighting which is inset to the underside of the canopy and floods the building exterior with attractive lighting.


Externally cladded in British or Premium Canadian Western Red Cedar and internally plastered as standard the Balmoral is truly a space you'll love spending time in. 

The canopy is the key feature of the Bal


  1. Fully customisable design

  2. ​Minimum 400mm overhang​

  3. Eco friendly 100mm thick fully insulated walls and floor 

  4. Eco friendly 150mm thick fully insulated roof

  5. Internal plastered finish AS STANDARD!!

  6. Choice 5 sustainably sources external cladding types

  7. Chrome finish electrics including - 3 x flush finish double sockets, one with USB connection

  8. FREE - Flooring

  9. FREE - 1.5kw wall mounted heater

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Configure your zones

Use the shape of your garden room or placement of windows and doors to create distinctive zones for different tasks and uses.

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Our Promise to you

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How will you use yours?

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