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Garden office slots in beside the garage

Do you have an area of ground next to your garage, that doesn't serve much purpose? Well, you could add a garden room and transform it into a highly functional space.

This recent project is a fine example of what can be achieved. Part of our customers garden sat between the garage and the boundary fences. They saw the potential to transform this area into a home office that they could comfortably work from all year round.

We designed them a garden office that maximised the space available. Building tight to the three boundaries, meant that thought had to be given to how the building could be maintained in the longterm.

The solution was to choose exterior finishes that offer a long maintenance-free lifespan. One of the options we offer is a low maintenance composite wood cladding. So, in this case, we clad the two inaccessible walls with the composite wood, knowing it won't rot or require painting.

With there not being room for the installation team to get down the building's side, the building was designed so that the walls could be installed from within the office's footprint. This takes forward planning so the walls can be fully constructed and lifted into position with the membranes and external finishes already attached.

Another low maintenance finish, Cedar, was chosen for the front and left elevation. Cedar is an aesthetically pleasing cladding finish with its rich natural colouring. As we can see from these photos, Cedar looks very smart when mixed with Anthracite Grey doors and window frames.

Building within three boundaries can limit your options when it comes to positioning windows. Bringing the office slightly forward of the garage's rear wall has allowed a wrap-around corner door-window unit to be installed. This not only creates a nice connection with the garden, but it also allows for lots of light to enter the room.

Two small rectangular windows have been fitted further back in the room. These not only allow extra light into the room, but the owners can easily open them to let some air into the room.


installed exterior lighting on the front wall. This is not only useful when leaving the office on a dark winters night, but it also adds another layer to the design of the room. As we can see from these photos, the office looks equally as attractive by night.


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