Woman in a Sauna


Thousands of users enjoy the benefits of an infrared sauna every day. Now you can enjoy the great benefits of infra-red heat within the privacy of your own home.


- High quality wood craftsmanship
- High quality electronic control system & digital control panel
- High quality music system (optional)
- Pre-assembled board and build-in electrical elements makes the installation easy

- Accurate temperature sensor
- Energy efficient
- Comfortable backrest
- Considerate detailed designs

- Up to 70 degrees celsius

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- Superior Detoxification: removes heavy metals & fat-stored toxins

- Increased cardiovascular conditioning
- Stimulated immune system
- Improved circulation

- Pain relief
- Weight loss and cellulite reduction

- Beautiful skin
-Stress reduction

You will be surprised at the noticeable effects on pain relief, weight control, skin stimulation, and stress reduction due to an increased blood circulation when using this product.